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CUPRA Switches To 5 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

From 3rd April, 2024

Since the launch of CUPRA as an independent brand in 2018, the model range has gone from strength to strength and has been winning numerous awards.

Showing confidence in their brand, CUPRA have just announced that, with effect from 3rd April 2024, all new CUPRA orders will benefit from a brand warranty of 5 years/90,000 miles. This is an increase from the standard warranty that has been 3 years up until now.

What does that mean for our customers? - Well, it certainly shows a confidence in the reliability of the CUPRA brand. The 5 year/90,000 mile warranty extends across all models and is offered on factory and stock orders from 3rd April onwards.

What does the warranty include?

This manufacturer warranty protects our customers’ cars against failures of most mechanical and electrical components due to manufacturing defects. It comprises a two-year manufacturer’s warranty with unlimited mileage, plus a further three years up to a maximum of 90,000 miles (whichever comes first).

CUPRA’s paint warranty and body protection warranty remain unchanged at three years and 12 months respectively. CUPRA Born’s battery warranty also remains unchanged at eight years or 100,000 miles, whichever is earliest.

Although this is now to be standard on all new cars, it also means that approved used CUPRA cars will benefit from the remaining warranty which transfers with the vehicle at the date of sale.

Great news then! Come along to our CUPRA dealerships in Kent and Sussex to view the latest models and take a test drive.

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