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Renault Symbioz

A new compact family SUV with the best Renault technology

Due to be revealed in Spring 2024, the new Renault Symbioz will combine driving pleasure with a spacious interior; an efficient E-Tech full hybrid 145 engine with the best of Renault's technology.

Described as a compact hybrid, the Symbioz, in terms of length, sits between Captur and Austral in the model line-up. Designed for the modern family, it provides plenty of space and loading capacity within.

This new SUV includes the new-generation Solarbay panoramic glass roof, which turns opaque at the flick of a switch. The Symbioz weighs under 1,500 kg and, by using the advanced drivetrain, ensures both increased driving enjoyment and lower fuel consumption.

The name Symbioz comes from the Greek 'symbiosis' meaning 'living together', which sits nicely with the Renault concept of 'cars for living', reflecting passengers' relationship with their car and the environment.

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