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On-Line Service History For Your Mercedes-Benz Van

Our Digital Service Book replaces the conventional service book and allows all Mercedes-Benz Vans Dealers to accurately and securely document the details of your van’s services and access its service history, pretty much anywhere in the world. 

Advanced Technology

Mercedes-Benz vans use advanced technology in their driving systems, so why not use this technology to store information about service and maintenance too? That way we don't have to rely on paper copies or losing documents - it's all stored in your Mercedes-Benz van.

Skilled Technicians & High Tech Workshops

Our highly skilled Technicians have all the specialist tools and equipment they need to take your Mercedes-Benz van through the workshop for servicing, repair, maintenance or MOT.

If you wish to access your vehicle’s service history, simply contact Mercedes-Benz Van Centre Medway. Mercedes-Benz Vans Medway, part of Mercedes-Benz Kent.

Service Technician