JCB Urban Automotive Wheel Collection

Designed to give a unique identity to your vehicle

Wheels are a very visible component of the overall look of a vehicle.
Urban Automotive wheels are designed and tested for a perfect fit. They are coupled with premium tyres to achieve the ultimate in look and ride quality.

Urban have collaborated with a few chosen, high-end brands to supply wheels that give a premium, luxury road presence.

Let us show you how:

UV Range

Urban partnering with Vossen wheels, made in Miami, Florida. Various styles and finishes are possible.

UF Range

Urban Forged wheels introduce style and colour.

UC Range

Urban Cast wheels allow intricate spoke patterns.

Nero Range

A bold and muscular look.

Vossen Range

A hybrid forged technique available in a myriad of finishes, spoke styles and colours

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Wheel  with Urban styling
Wheel  with Urban styling
Wheels with Urban styling
Wheels with Urban styling