JCB Urban Automotive Bespoke Modifications

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Standard vehicles can be enhanced by unique carbon fibre moulds made in-house at Urban Automotive.

Urban Automotive have a reputation for producing high quality products in their UK workshop. Their product knowledge and workmanship is second to none. Various finishes are available for their products which include twill, camo and forged.

Using 3D scanning techniques ensures an accurate fit to your vehicle. CAD design software allows Urban Automotive to deliver ‘OEM Plus’ standards to enhance the aesthetics of your chosen vehicle. Each component is moulded then hand trimmed to detail before being assembled. The standard is as found on high-end OEM and motorsport vehicles. All this is carried out in Urban’s state-of-the-art facility in Buckinghamshire.

Side Steps

Urban Black Shadow Side Steps are a key product in the modification process. The best quality materials and processes are used to create a strong, long-lasting, well-fitted product.

Looks-wise the side steps lower the body line of the vehicle enhancing its visual presence.

For practicality, side steps enable passengers to mount and dismount the vehicle more easily and protect the lower edge of the vehicle. All are hand-finished.

Side Tubes

Urban Side Tubes are made from durable stainless steel. Made in the UK, the arch to arch positioning leaves no gap and lowers the body line of the vehicle, enhancing its appearance and protecting its underside.


Having the interior of your vehicle exclusively designed is just as important as the exterior visual. From stitching to upholstery, colour choice to material, the luxurious cabin finishes ensure comfort of the highest level.


The seating is probably the most important consideration for your vehicle interior. Custom carbon-backed head rests with branding and colour match can be fitted. Custom leather piping and stitching can be colour co-ordinated to the theme of your vehicle. Finest Italian Nappa leather upholstery options can be enhanced with bespoke stitching effects and badge branding.

Painting, Wrapping & Window Tinting

Whatever you want, we can do. Urban has an in-house paint shop in which can be mixed any colour in any shade. Urban’s experts will take excellent care of your vehicle and finish it to the highest quality.

Premium finishes, flawless clear-coat finishes, satin, wet look, supergloss and gloss – all are possible. Full colour changes can be carried out or painting of individual components. New or used vehicles can be given a bespoke colour.

Wrapping of a vehicle can be temporary whilst protecting the original paintwork from scratches. There are many finishes to choose from.

Full exterior wraps can be expertly applied to the whole vehicle with the door and boot shuts either included or left in the original body colour. Partial wraps give you the option of making subtle changes to your vehicle exterior. Popular choices include roofs, door handles, wing mirrors and bonnet stripes.

‘De-chroming’ allows manufacturer parts to be re-covered with gloss black. This allows a subtle enhancement without changing the overall colour. Badges and grilles can be painted gloss black where wrapping is not possible.

Window tinting can be completed using tints from Light Smoke to Factory Privacy and Full Limo.

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