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Exterior & Interior Bespoke Modifications

We know our customers appreciate the quality brands and great craftsmanship that go into making the vehicles we sell.
But maybe you want to make your new vehicle stand out from the crowd?
Do you want to own a vehicle that's special to you, looks like no other and is bespoke to your own requirements?
A vehicle that reflects your own personality and style.

That's where our collaboration with Urban Automotive comes in.

Urban Automotive are specialists in their own field and enhance vehicle ownership by taking your vehicle and personalising it to your exact requirements. We are confident that this high quality collaboration will add quality and value to your vehicle.

Urban Automotive works with premium brands to modify both the body work and the performance of the vehicle to make it unique.

This includes:

  • Carbon fibre enhancements in various finishes
  • Customised interiors and seating
  • Painting and wrapping
  • Premium wheel designs

The JCB Group are able to offer you different paths to your dream vehicle by:

  • Taking your order for your new or approved used vehicle and for the Urban Automotive modification - you take delivery of the final vehicle from us.
  • Managing a vehicle modification on a vehicle you already own, liaising with Urban Automotive on your behalf
  • Offering for sale vehicles that we have sourced from new and commissioned Urban Automotive to customise to our specifications - ready immediately in our showrooms

Let us explore the possible with you.
We hope you will find something unique and special for the road ahead.

To find out more and discuss options please get in touch.

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