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Car cleaning myths busted

When it comes to cleaning your car there are tons of myths that drift around, detailing what the best and worst tactics are when you’re washing your car.

Cleaning your car or van not only helps it to look good, but also cares for it too. Dirt from the road, such as salt once the roads have been gritted, can cause the underneath of a car to corrode if it isn’t cleaned away. When your car gets a thorough clean inside and out it gives it a sense of being ‘new’ again, and might even give you a whole new appreciation for your pride and joy.

So, with so many myths around, we thought we would debunk some of them so you don’t end up damaging your car, or wasting your time when cleaning it.

Cleaning items are expensive

Well yes, they can be, but they don’t have to be. It’s easy to be taken in by the brightly coloured packaging and wonderful marketing ploys that companies put in place, but please don’t be fooled.

A toothbrush and paintbrushes are great ways to get into those tiny spaces that need cleaning, just as much as those brushes specifically designed for that job – but they cost half the price.

A pressure washer may make it easier to get rid of dirt, but a garden hose or water in a bucket can do the same job. And the same goes for the fancy cleaning cloths designed for cars; they do the exact same as the microfibre cloths you can get hold of, but at a much higher price.

Are car shampoos worth the hype?

YES! They are specifically designed to be used on cars and their paintwork, to get rid of the tough dirt and grime attached to your car. A car’s paintwork can be irritated and breakdown if non specific car shampoo is used, causing the deterioration of your paintwork to happen quicker. They also provide a thorough and better clean than any other shampoo substance that you may use.

Don’t wash the car until it is really filthy

This is quite possibly the worst way to think about cleaning your car. The moment you get bird droppings, tree sap, grit and dead bugs on your car, these will start eating away and breaking down your paint – which is never good. It is recommended to wash your car every one to two weeks to prevent any dirt from damaging your car’s’ paint and overall finish.

It can be hard to find the time to clean and wash your car weekly, but it really is crucial and beneficial to do so. After all, you don’t let the dirt build up at home, so why should you in and on your car? Dirty interiors can harbour many germs and cold virus’ too, as well as many other nasty things you wouldn’t want to sit amongst on your daily commute. However, because its your car and you don’t really see yourself as “living in it” you probably think, like most car users, that it doesn’t matter, but it really does. It is just as important as cleaning your home.

It’s shiny, so it must be clean?

Nope, not necessarily. It may look shiny and streak free but if you run your hand over it, and it doesn’t feel smooth or as though you are touching glass, then, sadly, it is still dirty.

For a car to be truly clean you don’t want to feel any roughness on the car once it has dried.

Clay bars are a great way to remove all the dirt from your car, plus they’re easy to get hold off, with many available in car stores.

Not sure where to start with giving your pride and joy a spring clean? We can help.

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