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SEAT el-Born
SEAT el-Born
SEAT el-Born


Introducing the SEAT el-Born

SEAT's 100% electric vehicle is to be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show later this month. The SEAT el-Born is based on the Volkswagen Group MEB platform and has been designed and developed in Barcelona. The car is expected to hit UK markets by 2020.

100% Electric & Aerodynamic

With its electric powertrain, power is pushed to the four corners of the vehicle and allows a more energetic stance compared to traditionally powered cars. SEAT's Director of Design believes that electric cars need to be charismatic, attractive and thrilling to drive. The future of vehicle design takes aerodynamics as the key to maximising the vehicle range. For example, the SEAT logo on the front is flush to the body of the car as there is no need to take in air to cool the engine and therefore no need for a grille. Cooling vents are placed lower down the front of the vehicle, providing air to the battery pack and so streamlining air flow over the front of the vehicle. This really is a new design challenge for the future!

The side of the vehicle has been designed with an air curtain to aid aerodynamics and improve the aesthetic appeal. The wheels' turbine design creates a flow of air that both improves aerodynamics and ventilates the brakes to maintain dynamism. The rear of the vehicle has a double layer spoiler to maintain air flow and minimise turbulence.

Spacious Interior

The interior space is also increased due to the electric powertrain requiring less room. A digital cockpit, with 10" infotainment and connectivity screen lies in the centre of the dashboard. Cocooning and spacious seating gives a very comfortable ride for driver and passengers. There is more room for storage, including the ability to stow a bag between the two front seats!

SEAT el-Born
SEAT el-Born
SEAT el-Born

*Please note images above show European specification of interior

Pure Power

The el-Born has a power output of up to 204PS (150kW) and it can reach 100km/h in 7.5 seconds. That's pure performance! However, you may be asking 'what about the range on a single charge of the batteries and how long does it take to re-charge'?

The el-Born has a real world range of up to 420km based on the WLTP drive cycle. With up to 100kW DC supercharging, the battery can be returned from 0 to 80% in as little as 47 minutes.

Intelligent Management

The el-Born has an advanced thermal management system so that the vehicle's heat pump can reduce the electrical heating consumption saving up to 60km. This allows occupants to use the climate control without any worries.

Sharing The Strain

Using the latest developments in autonomous functionality and connectivity the el-Born helps take the strain out of modern driving.  The el-Born has autonomous level two systems, giving partial automation to the vehicle so it can control steering, acceleration and deceleration.  Intelligent Park Assist helps manoeuvre into space leaving the driver with less stress and more pleasure from driving.

This car looks set to change the future of electric driving. Register below to keep up to date with the development of the el-Born. It is expected to arrive in showrooms in 2020.