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CUPRA is here!

The sportier, more performance oriented label, CUPRA, has been part of the SEAT line-up for a while. However, it has been so successful, that SEAT have now created it as a new, standalone brand.

The brand will be simple, clean and sporty. Not only a car brand, but a whole lifestyle. Quietly confident and fiercely independent CUPRA is about style, not fashion, experience not appearance. It stands for those who create their own path; uniqueness; sophistication; performance; the unconventional.

Our SEAT showrooms already have CUPRA models on display, and our Snowhill Crawley branch has been designated a CUPRA Specialist.

So, how will the CUPRA brand develop? Here's an insight into the brand's values...

What is the idea behind CUPRA?

"As a concept, pure performance is a bit old-fashioned. It's not all about the last split-second of speed. When you look beyond that, you will find a new element in our cars. We're looking for something that is more refined, not brutal or in-your-face, but more elegant and chic. We aim to be more relaxed and stylish."

Put simply:

We are a contemporary vision of sportiness.

We are not exclusive, but rare.

Not industrial, but ingenious.

Not bespoke, but special.

Not tuned, but customisable.

We redefine.

High performance.

Craft and individuality.

The world of racing.

Sophistication and design.

We are more than a car brand.

We are CUPRA.

This exciting new development is in our showrooms now. View the gallery of images below. Click through to view the CUPRA Ateca's details and the latest finance offer accompanying it.

CUPRA logo