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Protecting the environment is a concern for many people. To talk about it may be an easy task, but to actually implement responsible and consistent practices involves much more than a simple aspiration.

SEAT are proud to offer a comprehensive and innovative approach that combines safeguarding our environment and the pleasure of driving our vehicles. Discover our range and book a test drive to enjoy the road with less emissions and more emotions.

SEAT Ecomotive is the environmentally friendly range that has technological features created to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

We are proud to introduce this green car range.. Can a car be both green and sporty? Why not? At SEAT we've created the perfect formula for our green cars. We've combined sportiness with an environmental conscience. Whether you choose one of the cars from our Ibiza Ecomotive range or the New Alhambra, you won't be disappointed.

We are committed to making cars with a reduced impact on the environment by reducing CO2 emissions massively. But we are also committed to giving you a drive to remember. Get ready for some action with our vast selection of green cars. At SEAT we have made it our priority to develop cars that are eco-conscious but still look sporty.

Our biggest challenge was our Top performing Leon Ecomotive range. How could we replicate its road-pushing performance but at the same time reduce emissions up to 99 g/km? With help of SEAT's green car revolutionary Ecomotive engines that incorporate a Start & Stop function and an innovative Brake Energy Recovery System, all playing a part in making our cars some of the greenest on the road.

Even our SEAT Alhambra Ecomotive, our green MPV, combines the demands of a family car with the rising need for environmentally conscious cars. In fact, the SEAT Ibiza 5DR is a green model with this level of power output to feature air conditioning, a five-door body styling and the generous boot capacity that make our standard model stand out from the crowd.

Let's explain a couple of the features:

  • Start & Stop system

When the car is stopped, put into neutral gear and the clutch is disengaged, the Start & Stop System turns the engine off. Engage the clutch again and the engine turns on.

  • Brake Energy Recovery system

This system collects the energy usually lost during the braking and restores it for starting up or accelerating. Instead of being wasted, this energy allows fuel savings and CO2 reduction.

All designed to give you a driving experience as exciting as it is green.