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Mitsubishi Service, Repair and MOT Booking

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Mitsubishi Servicing

The reliability of modern Mitsubishi vehicles is a point of pride for the manufacturer, and is a significant factor in its success in the UK market. At the JCB Mitsubishi premises, we aim to do justice to the reputation of this trusted name by providing the very best servicing in the Rainham, Medway, Kent.

When you book your Mitsubishi for a service with JCB, we will ensure a number of things. First and foremost, our engineers are trained to the highest possible standards – with regular exams – to ensure that they possess the level of knowledge required to maintain your vehicle. In the same vein, we insist on using genuine manufacturer parts for all replacements, ensuring that the reliability of your Mitsubishi is not compromised in the long term. We will also only use high-quality oils when carrying out engine work.

Mitsubishi vehicles are known for their technological sophistication, and we understand this. Our workshops are fitted with the required level of technology to ensure that any software and firmware in your Mitsubishi is fully up-to-date by the time it leaves us.

When we return your car to you we will stamp your service record, meaning that if you choose to sell the vehicle at some point, it will have a full service history. Finally, we will always ensure that your vehicle's servicing schedule is adhered to – another load off your mind.

To book a Mitsubishi service with us, or to find out more, either enquire online, give us a call on 01634 236200 or visit us at our dealership on the A2, Rainham. One of our members of staff will be happy to help.


It is a legal requirement for every UK road vehicle to undergo an MOT test and Mitsubishi vehicles, spite their excellent safety records, are of course no exception. At Hidsons Kia, we are ideally placed to carry out MOT testing at our premises in Rainham.

Our modern servicing centres are equipped with the latest technology to carry out an MOT test quickly and in a professional manner. Our technicians, meanwhile, possess inside manufacturer knowledge which allows them to easily identify any faults with your vehicle. Pending your approval, they will then carry out the necessary repair work to get your vehicle up to scratch.

In order to minimise the cost of regular MOT testing for our customers, we have crafted a range of special JCB Service Plans. These packages spread the cost of servicing over a period of several months, allowing peace of mind for those who choose us for their servicing needs.

To book your Mitsubishi MOT with JCB, feel free to get in touch by using our online booking form. Alternatively, you can give us a ring or visit us in person at our Rainham premises.