Mitsubishi L200 Series 6
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FREE Vehicle Safety Check- with every MOT or Service

You're in safe hands

Covering tyres, brakes, suspension and bodywork we will complete a visual check and send you video footage of the inspection.

What is covered by the 10 point check:

  1. Tyres - check tread depth, condition and pressure
  2. Brakes - visual check for signs of wear
  3. Lights - check they are in working order
  4. Suspension - a visual check for any signs of leaks, damage or corrosion
  5. Electrical - check the operation of the starter motor and charging system
  6. Exhaust - check for signs of physical damage, e.g. leaking joints, corrosion
  7. Battery - complete a condition check
  8. Wiper blades - check they are in working order
  9. Bodywork - visual check for any signs of damage or corrosion
  10. Antifreeze - report on the strength and level of your antifreeze

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