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JCB Mitsubishi Offers Free Battery Check in Rainham


Your car battery is essential, without it you would have no engine, no power and no lights. It’s important to understand a little bit about how your battery functions, and to recognise the most common signs of a battery that needs to be replaced.

There are some simple ways that you can help extend the life of your battery, as well as warning signs that can alert you to any potential problems.


At JCB Mitsubishi, trained technicians can ensure your battery is in good working order, inspecting your battery’s health indicators such as its charging and cranking capabilities and you can easily purchase a replacement if necesary.


Your car battery needs to be replaced around every four years even if it isn’t causing you any problems. There are sometimes signs that your car battery may need replacing, including trouble starting, dimming headlights and bad smells.


For your own safety we recommend that you have your battery checked by a professional if you are having any trouble with it. However if you do need to handle the battery yourself here is a list of health and safety tips:

  • Do not place metallic objects on top of the battery as this may cause the battery to ‘short’
  • Keep flames and sparks away from batteries as they contain hydrogen gas and may catch fire or explode
  • Batteries contain sulphuric acid so make sure no part of your body or anything damageable comes into contact with the acid. If this happens, use large amounts of water to neutralise and flush acid away
  • Batteries are heavy so use correct lifting procedures and if the battery has one, use the carry handle to move the battery
  • Keep children away from batteries