Express Visual Health Checks

Keeping your vehicle safe on the road

At any time of year we can always give your KGM an express visual check on our workshop ramps.

If you're worried about the tyre condition, just want to double-check the brake wear before a long journey, or are in-between services then we can book you in for an express visual check. This takes about 20 minutes and our Technicians put your car on the ramp and work through a set list of essentials to check the condition of key components. They then give you a report of their findings. Hopefully it's all-clear. But if you need replacement parts or if you'll need something seeing to in the near future we can either book you in or make a note in the diary to call you back.

It's all part of the service at JCB KGM.

Peace of mind.

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Staff at JCB Group with visual health check list