Safe Tyres Save Lives

Whatever the weather, be it cold and wet or sunny and dry, your tyres are the only part of your vehicle that's touching the road - so they are kind of most important!

Bring your car in for your free tyre safety and vehicle health check.

Tyre tread depth is really important for safe driving and braking, particularly in wet weather. If the tyre is not dispersing excess water correctly, your vehicle could 'aquaplane' - that is, lose traction and be difficult to steer thus skidding across the watery road surface.

If you are worried that your tyres may be reaching the legal minimum, take this simple test.

Place a 20p coin in the main grooves of your tyre. If you can see the outer band of the 20p coin when it's placed in the tyre, then the tyres may be dangerous and illegal. Let us take a look at them for you.

Whilst your car is in the workshop on the ramp, we'll also carry out a free visual health check for you. We'll check not only the tyres, but the brake wear, antifreeze and oil levels and lights, topping up where necessary.

The difference in stopping distance between a new tyre with an 8mm tread, and a worn tyre on the 1.6mm legal limit is 11.9 metres! That's nearly 3 car lengths difference.  Makes you think doesn't it?

Stay safe on the road and let us check your car over for you. Call us now or fill in an enquiry form and our Service Centre will get back to you quickly and arrange a check.

Such is our committment to keeping you safe; we are offering our Loyalty Card Customers 10% off fitted tyres when you buy 2 or more. Ask at the Service Centre for more details.

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Terms & Conditions

Tyres can be reserved on line, but booking is not confirmed until Service Centre staff confirm the booking. The loyalty card discount is applied on production of loyalty card when paying at the Service Centre, the online booking system does not show the discount. E&OE. Offer subject to change without notice, subject to availability.

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