Happy 50th Anniversary Honda Civic!

A worldwide popular hatchback celebrates its 50th year in production


What started as a compact, economical 2-door saloon has now become the hero model of the Honda range with up-to-the-minute technology and power. In 2022 there are more than 27 million people across the globe who have owned a Honda Civic. Let's journey through the years to see each iteration of this best loved classic Honda:

  • The Honda Civic was born in the summer of 1972, when there was a sharp rise in fuel pricing and better fuel economy coupled with smaller cars was needed. Honda produced the Civic - a 'car created for citizens and cities' just in advance of the 1973 oil crisis. It was the right time. In 1975, on its European launch, it had the ability to run on leaded or unleaded fuel which was extremely innovative for the time.
  • In 1979 a 5-door hatchback version arrived to overtake the 2 and 3-door versions.
  • The third generation Civic of 1983 introduced four-wheel drive which was the preserve of high-performance and off-road cars only at this time, making the four-wheel drive Civic a rarity in its sector.
  • In 1987 the performance technology was greatly upgraded. 1.5 litre, 16-valve engines with fuel-injection were introduced, plus the double-wishbone suspension bringing sportier handling and an improved ride to the Civic family.
  • By 1991, the 5th generation version underwent a complete redesign incorporating many safety features such as passenger airbags and anti-lock brakes.
  • Fast forward to 1995 and the Civic transformed from compact supermini to family hatchback with the latest in in-car entertainment - a CD player! By 1997 the high-performance Civic Type R was born - 'R' standing for racing.
  • The 7th generation Civic, born at the turn of the millennium, introduced hybrid technology to the European market.
  • 2005, the 8th generation Civic has a new hatchback body style in Europe and a saloon and coupé in the US and Asia.
  • The 9th generation, 2011 version introduced Honda's new Eco Assist technology, improving fuel economy by 10%.
  • 2017 and the 10th generation Civic came with more hi-tech infotainment and safety options than ever before.

So now we arrive in 2022, fifty years on and ready to unveil the 11th generation Civic e:HEV.

As you can see, the Honda Civic has always responded to needs and developments in fuel economy, safety, performance and technology. The Civic e:HEV will use Honda's advanced full-hybrid technology. It can self-charge on the move and run silently on pure electric power to deliver an exhilarating performance and long touring range efficiency.

If you are interested in test driving the new Civic e:HEV then please complete our Handraiser Enquiry Form and we will keep you in the loop as to when the Civic e:HEV arrives in the showroom.

Happy 50th Birthday Honda Civic!

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Honda Civic e:HEV
Honda Civic e:HEV
Honda Civic e:HEV