Air Conditioning Service at Euro CUPRA

Not cool enough?

Mmm....... maybe it's time for a FREE Air-con Efficiency Check.

If you can't get your CUPRA as cool as you'd like, your air-conditioning system may not be working to full efficiency. Did you know that air con systems can lose up to 10% of their gas every year and it's recommended that an air con system be serviced every two years?

We can check it for you. Book your CUPRA car in for an air-con efficiency check and we'll carry out a free vehicle health check at the same time.

If you need an air-conditioning service, book in and we'll check out the whole system, top up your air-conditioning gas, re-check the temperature and refresh all pipes and ducting to eliminate any bacteria. Price available on request.

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Please note your booking is not confirmed until you receive a call from our Service Team. Thank you.