Alpine Sports Cars - One Man's Vision Becomes A Reality

Jean Rédélé was an automotive pioneer who founded the Alpine sports car brand. He was the youngest Renault dealer in France when he started out, with his dealership in Dieppe. Enjoying, and excelling in, rally driving as a pastime, he raced in the French Alps and has named his brand 'Alpine' after this history. Developing a sports car brand, he finally had the accolade of Alpine winning the 1973 World Rally Championship with 155 points with the iconic A110. For Rédélé, the perfect motorsport vehicle was all about efficiency, lightness, agility and speed.

Jean Rédélé wanted his customers to feel the same pleasure as he had, driving around the Alps in his Renault 4 CV, with the freedom of the road ahead. He and his team came up with an innovative design, which was simple but used materials that supported the lightness and speed needed. Add to the mix some standard parts readily available at reasonable price and Alpine was able to produce a high performance sports car at a reasonable cost.

Now a legend, particularly in France, Alpine has crossed the boundaries between endurance rallying, Monte Carlo and World Championships and since 2021, success in Formula One.

Future Sustainability

Plans are already underway for a 100% electric version new generation Alpine. The Alpine Alpenglow was presented at the Paris Motor Show in 2022 and is a hydrogen fuelled concept car with a futuristic look.

The A290_β ventures into a new segment as an urban sports car.

This exciting and innovative brand marks the next step in the JCB Group's journey too. We are excited to be including Alpine sports cars in our portfolio.