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The Ultimate, The Most Radical - The Alpine A110 R

Just Thrilling...

Weight: 34 kg lighter than the A110 S*

Acceleration: 3.9 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h

Max Speed On Track: 285 km/h

Wow, the A110 R is the fastest Alpine A110 in the range. Lower, faster, more dynamic with its sharpened chassis. The Matt Racing Blue livery takes you into the universe of the BWT Alpine Formula One Team. In fact F1 carbon is incorporated into every element of the body work to give it a much lighter framework for optimum performance. The A110 R was built for the track, but is approved for the road. You can get as close as possible to the thrill of the racing dream.

The cockpit is made entirely of microfibre and the fabric straps to open the doors hint at the racetrack DNA. The Sabelt monocoque carbon track seat, with 6-point racing harness, gives you the feel of the starting line.

Exclusively numbered

Your A110 R has a unique number engraved on a plate located under the central console.

A110-R Turini

Try the A110-R version with GT Race wheels - the A110-R Turini - if you're looking for more versatility.

Limited Edition - A110 R Fernando Alonso

There are just 32 vehicles made to match the 32 wins that Fernando Alonso has had over his Formula One career. Alonso himself fine tuned the suspension system and it's covered by an exclusive patent. It gives you the same thrill as he has felt on the track. With Alonso's influence in the design of the exterior and interior too, this special edition is elegant, unique and radical.

*Compared with the A110 S with Aero Kit and without carbon roof

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Alpine A110 R
A110 R - The Most Radical