January 2020

What Car Award 2020 - Best MPV Berlingo PureTech 110 Feel - Less than £22,000

The Berlingo is the very definition of ‘multipurpose vehicle’, and we don’t mean that it’s just a big box on wheels. Having said that, you won’t find anything this spacious for less money, whether that’s for five people or loading anything from pushchairs to plant pots.

Despite being a lot smaller and considerably cheaper than the Audi Q5 large SUV, the Citroën Berlingo has both a bigger boot and an airier interior. That’s because it was designed with family life as the overriding priority. By the same token, a lofty ceiling means loading children into car seats will be no bother, while sliding rear doors make light work of tight car parks.

And if that’s still not enough, as well as our winner here, the five-seat Berlingo M, there’s the XL, which for £2000 more gets you a third row of seats and 250 litres of extra boot space.

Our engine recommendation, the 109bhp turbocharged 1.2-litre petrol, is strong enough to ferry around an MPV full of people and luggage. What’s more, the Berlingo has a soft and relaxed ride that will please passengers, even if it does roll noticeably when cornering.