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Not just any service ........... the JCB Volkswagen service.

When you come to JCB Volkswagen for your wiper blades, you get that little bit extra.  For every complete set of wiper blades purchased, we also fit them free of charge, and then we give you a complimentary litre bottle of screenwash (RRP £5.11).  

Whilst you wait for us to do that for you, you can relax in our customer lounge with a cup of coffee, something to read and a TV to watch.  Aaah........not just any service, the JCB Volkswagen service.  

When do your wiper blades need changing?

  • Are they noisy?
  • Are they lifting off the screen, or out of position?
  • Are they not clearing the screen properly?
  • Is your windscreen smeary?
  • Is the windscreen beginning to get scratched?

Let us check them for you. Did you know that split wiper blades that don't clear the screen properly can mean an MOT failure? Be ready for any weather. Get them checked today.