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Electric Revolution! ID Concept Cars for 2020

Volkswagen intends to become the world's biggest manufacturer of electric vehicles.

That vision is set to become a reality in 2020. The I.D. Hatchback will be launched in 2020, running in parallel to the Golf. Volkswagen plan to develop 3 key models:

  • The ID Hatchback - a Golf-sized hatchback with a Passat-sized interior
  • The ID Buzz - an electric, modern interpretation of the classic Campervan
  • The ID Crozz - a crossover version of the I.D. hatchback

Pre-bookings for the I.D are now open.


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The 3 models have already been shown at Motor shows in Paris, Shanghai and Detroit, so they are already a reality.

I.D. will be based on the pure electric MEB Volkswagen vehicle platform. Numerous vehicles across the Group will also use this platform.

MEB features the latest lithium-ion battery technology. The batteries are arranged flat beneath the vehicle floor between the wheels, allowing a range (on the I.D.) of between 250-375 miles on a single charge

As electric motors are relatively small (compared with a conventional internal combustion engine) and there is no fuel tank, this allows far more space to be utilised for people rather than components

The I.D., for example, is around the same length as a Golf, but has interior space comparable to that of the Passat

I.D. can be made fully automated (‘I.D. Pilot’ mode) just by touching the VW logo on the steering wheel. The wheel retracts and the car becomes autonomous!

I.D. loves to talk. In slow-moving traffic it can communicate with pedestrians waiting to cross the street by changing its headlight colour to green to suggest to them that it is safe to walk in front of the car (i.e. the car will not move until they have crossed) or red to warn them not to step into the road as the car is about to move. Those same headlights can ‘wink’ at other motorists as a ‘thank you’

Who needs Amazon Prime?! I.D. can act as a drop-off point and receive parcels remotely using a new delivery service if its owner isn’t at home, or even in the car.

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