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Volkswagen Golf GTE - electric and petrol

This plug in hybrid combines a modern, conventional engine with an innovative electric motor. Yet this does not compromise its performance. The Golf GTE 1.4 TSI 204PS PHEV 5dr DSG can reach 0–62mph in 7.6 seconds. Powerful, sporty and responsive, the new Golf GTE delivers a massive 204 PS, combining GTI dynamics with e-Golf sustainability and economy. When fully charged in all-electric mode, the electric range is 31 miles and when electric and petrol combine, the total range is 580 miles.

There is a government grant available towards the cost of this model.

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Check out the Golf GTE's vital statistics:

  • Hybrid power five-door Golf with 1.4 TSI engine and electric motor
    • GTI dynamics, e-Golf sustainability and GTD range
    • 38g/km CO2 for the GTE and 40g/km for the GTE Advance
    • 166 mpg for the GTE and 157 mpg for the GTE Advance
    • 204PS, 0-62mph in 7.6 seconds
    • 514-mile range (electric range 31 miles)
    • GTE RRP is £30,635 (£28,135 after the grant is applied)
    • GTE Advance RRP is £32,135 (£29,635 after the grant is applied)
  • Trim Levels:

    The new GTE and GTE Advance models have Car-Net App Connect, front and rear full LED lights with sweeping indicators on the rear and Active Info Display.

    For £1,500 more than the GTE, the GTE Advance has 18-inch Marseille alloys, Discover Navigation, a winter pack including heated seats, 65 per cent tinted windows, a front centre armrest and exterior e-sound.

    A bit more about charging.....

    The majority of your charging will probably be at home from your 'PodPoint' wall box. This costs £279 and fits unobtrusively into your preferred space at home. We can help you with this. From flat to full it takes two and a quarter hours to charge the Golf GTE.
    The car comes supplied with 2 cables as standard. One of these is a 3-pin plug that can be used when you are away from home and need to charge from the mains. Charging from flat to full with the 3 pin plug should take about three and three quarter hours.

    The charging point is behind the front VW roundel badge. You can lock the car to stop the charging cable from being pulled out.

    Do you want to find out more about owning an Electric or Hybrid vehicle? We have developed a section with informative and useful advice. Click on the icon to the right to find out more.

    A bit more about driving modes..........

    Driving modes are controlled from the dashboard screen. You will need to plan your journey to make best use of power and be most environmentally aware. We can help you to learn and understand about the optimum driving mode choice.
    Generally, e-mode is used at low speeds and around town, hybrid is used at higher speeds and for motorway driving. Other modes include battery charge mode, petrol only and GTE.

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