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Blue Motion

Blue Motion Technology is Volkswagen's contribution to sustainable motoring. This means we offer optimim solutions for every demand, which makes driving more fuel efficient. Lower fuel consumption and lower emission diesel engines allied with Blue Motion Technologies are friendlier to the environment and your wallet, without having to give up everyday practicality and comfort.

How does Blue Motion Technology work?

Blue Motion Technology is a series of ideas and innovations designed to improve fuel economy and CO2 emissions, these include:

  • improved aerodynamics
  • longer gear ratios to reduce revs
  • low rolling resistance tyres
  • visual gear change recommendation for optimum fuel consumption
  • battery regeneration ('recuperation' - energy recovery during braking)
  • Start/Stop technology to save idling
  • Diesel Particulate Filtration

Look out for the 'BLUEMOTION TECHNOLOGY' logo on Volkswagen vehicles.

Ask in our showrooms for more information from our showroom staff.

Contact Us:

Ashford​ - 01233 210236

Medway - 01634 871345

Blue Motion Technology - the cleanest, most energy-efficient cars in our range.