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Electric Driving With Volkswagen

If you are worried about making the switch from regular fuelled cars to electric, then read on to find out more about the future of electric driving with Volkswagen.

- the future is Volkswagen Electric.

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Driving Styles

A fully electric vehicle (EV) is most suitable for you if you usually take short journeys of less than 120 miles and have off-street parking either at home or at work.

Regular long journeys may be better suited to a hybrid electric vehicle, however, developments in electric battery range are improving continuously. Volkswagen have pledged to sell one million electric cars a year worldwide by 2025.

Energy Economy & Range

Electric vehicles can help save you up to two thirds of your daily fuel costs as they are cheaper to run than traditionally fuel powered vehicles. For example, the e-Golf costs 4p per mile compared to 14p per mile in the petrol equivalent. (09/2019).

Electric vehicles are exempt from paying the London Congestion Charge and T-Charge. Several large UK cities have Ultra Low Emission Zones and electric cars avoid paying tolls here too. Many towns and cities offer free charging when parking.

Volkswagen's e-cars have plenty of range, and it's improving all the time. Currently the e-Golf has a range of 144 miles (WLTP - 09/2019).

Normal, ECO and ECO+ modes help you improve efficiency whilst using other electrically operated functions, such as air conditioning.

Cheap To Maintain

Electric cars can be about 70% cheaper to maintain compared to traditionally fuelled cars. A combustion engine vehicle has a large number of complex components, but an electric car has relatively few components therefore servicing and maintenance of them is cheaper.

Servicing and maintenance should still be carried out at an authorised Volkswagen service centre. Our dealerships are equipped to do this for you.

Environmentally Friendly

Electric cars have no emissions and are therefore better for the environment.  Noise pollution is cut due to electric cars being very smooth and quiet.  They have better acceleration than traditionally fuelled cars.​


There are now more charging points than petrol stations in the UK. Charging your electric car is as easy as charging your mobile phone.

Volkswagen and Tesco have formed a Pod Point partnership. 2,400 charging bays are set to be created at Tesco sites nationwide. 600 stores will have fast or rapid charging by 2020. Pod Point is the leading UK public charging network operator. Ionity is another joint venture that plans to have 400 ultra-fast charging locations in service by the end of 2020. Chargemaster and Ecotricity are also recommended.

Three modes of charging allow you to re-charge your car battery whilst out and about or at home.

Mode 2 - mains charging from a domestic 3-pin plug - 2.3kW AC - 10 amps - takes about 17 hours

Mode 3 - home wallbox or public/work chargepoint - 7.2kW AC - 32 amps - takes about 5 hours 20 minutes

Mode 4 - rapid charge CCS system - DC - 32 amps - takes about 45 minutes to reach 80% charge.

Grants & Incentives

Plug-in Car Grants (PICG) allows a discount of up to £3,500 for eligible cars. There are also grants available to discount the cost of purchasing and installing home, workplace and on-street chargepoints.

Company car drivers can claim a Government grant of up to £500 towards the installation of a home charger. Businesses, charities and public sector organisations can get support with purchase and installation of electric charge points through the Workplace Charging Scheme.

All electric vehicles are exempt from Vehicle Excise Duty (car tax).

Businesses purchasing ultra-low emission vehicles can claim 100% first year capital allowance. That is, full tax relief on the cost of the car and its charging infrastucture in the year of its purchase. The salary sacrifice scheme helps company car drivers exempt the cost of the car from their income tax calculations. It is also possible to receive BIK and class 1A national insurance savings.

Car-Net e-remote

With the Car-Net e-remote app, you can charge your car, find out where it is parked, even set the driving temperature, all from the comfort of your office, home or whilst out and about. Connect your e-Golf to your smartphone via the app.