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Volkswagen Electric Car Charging At Home

A Quick Run-Down On Powering-Up

Making the change to electric is exciting, but daunting too. The cost and eco benefits are clear, but the practicalities such as charging still remain a bit of an unknown subject.

For home charging, Volkswagen have partnered with Pod Point, the UK's largest independent charge point installer.

The Benefits Of Using Pod Point

The charge points are simple, durable and weatherproof. They are one of the safest chargers in the UK. Charging is wi-fi connected for smart functionality and each point has a 3 year warranty.

How Do I Arrange The Installation Of My Home Charge Point?

First of all Pod Point will call you. They will talk you through claiming back the £500 grant available via the OLEV EVHS scheme. You need to have proof of purchase of a plug-in car and a designated private off-street parking space. One claim per car is possible, with a maximum of two cars per household. Pod Point will then arrange a date for installation. They may ask you the following - where is your home power supply located?; do you drive straight in or reverse park at home?; where is the car's charge socket located - at the front or back of the car?

What Choices Of Charge Point Do I Have?

You have a choice of options for connection. There's a universal socket or a tethered cable. You can opt for a 3.7kW charge point offering 15 miles of range per hour, or a 7kW offering an impressive 30 miles of range per hour. You can also Trickle Charge your car using a standard 13 amp domestic plug. Your Pod Point advisor can discuss these options with you. Please remember your Volkswagen electric car only uses a Type 2 connector. The Pod Point installer will install the charge point in the optimal position and demonstrate to you how to plug-in and power up.

How Much Does Installation Of My Electric Car Charge Point Cost?

85% of customers qualify for standard installation which is included in the cost of the Solo charge point. To qualify, there can be up to 15 metres of electrical cable from the main circuit board to the charge point and one wall up to a metre thick to be drilled through to clip the cable to the outside wall. There is no allowance for trenching, digging or the lifting of floorboards. In the event of an installation not being standard and requiring extra work, Pod Point will provide you with a quote.

Quality Assurance

A few days after installation, Pod Point get back in touch to check that you are happy with your Solo charge point and it's working as you had hoped. Safety is paramount and all charge points are checked to ensure your property is safe while charging. Safety includes protection from overheating and fire hazards, weather protection and power switch-off in the event of the cable coming into contact with water. The cable also locks to avoid theft while charging.

Volkswagen e-up!
e-Golf from Volkswagen

Handy Hints & Tips For Home Electric Vehicle Charging

To get the most from your home EV charging point please consider the following points:

- Your car only uses a Type 2 connector

- It takes about 5 hours for a full charge

- We recommend doing your main charge at home and topping up on the go

- Maximise your range mileage by turning off the air-con and heating and by moderating your braking and acceleration

- Ask for help from other charge point users - everyone is learning together

- Vacate charging bays when complete rather than using them as a parking space, consider other road users

- Your car is exempt from the London Congestion Charge

Car-Net e-Remote

Volkswagen has the Car-Net e-Remote app which enables your to connect your electric car with your smartphone, tablet or computer. The Car-Net e-Remote portal enables you to:

- Check your battery charge level, current range and mileage

- Adjust your air-conditioning and defrost your windows before your journey begins

- See where your car was last parked and the fastest route back to it

- Manage your car's charging remotely

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Other Sources Of Information

Try for further information on electric driving.

Try the following organisations for information on charging - some of which are free to use. Local council websites are also a useful source of information.





We hope this answers some of your questions about home electric vehicle charging, but please feel free to contact your nearest JCB Volkswagen dealership if you have any further queries.