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Volkswagen Electric Vans

Transporting you into the future.

Vans are key to any business. With the electric revolution in motoring well under way, Volkswagen are developing electric vans ready for the road.

With compact batteries, short charge times (0-80% in 45 minutes), unobstructed load areas and a great urban range, Volkswagen's electric vans are soon to go into production.

Scroll down to take a sneak peek at the electric Volkswagen models in development.

Volkswagen Research, Development & Innovation

Back in the 1970s, Volkswagen had already started research into electromobility. Fearful of an oil supply shortage, rising oil costs and environmental pollution, the boffins at VW started their research. Pioneers in their field, they developed the T2 camper van with an electric drive unit. Fast forward nearly 50 years and the viability of electromobility is coming into its own. The time is now.

With improved battery range, government grants, better availability of charging points, government taxes on traditionally fuelled vehicles and restrictions via low emission zones - the electric revolution is changing the way we will drive around Britain's roads.

UK specifications, prices and launch dates are yet to be confirmed, however, take a look at the concepts in development and sign up for updates below...

ABT e-Caddy

Jointly developed with FIA Formula E champions ABT, the e-Caddy is compact, quiet and has a great cargo capacity. It will easily manage tight, congested city streets. The drive system developed by ABT builds on their winning experience in the FIA Formula E electric race series.

ABT e-Transporter

This iconic favourite has been developed into an EV version for zero emission local journeys. The e-Transporter has 2 underfloor battery options developed by ABT so that there is no compromise on load space.

Volkswagen e-Crafter

The e-Crafter will make urban multi-drops a breeze. With the same payload and load area as the diesel van, it will be powerful, smooth and with a 107 mile range.

Volkswagen ABT e-Caddy
Volkswagen ABT eTransporter 6.1
Volkswagen  e-Crafter

Think about a future with:

  • Zero road tax and lower running costs
  • Quiet and smooth driving with instant torque
  • Subsidies to buy electric vehicles and install chargers
  • Unrestricted access to ULEZ ultra-low emission zones and areas with diesel bans

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