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The JCB Group are a member of the National Franchise Dealer Association.

As a member, we commit to the NFDA's Sales and Aftersales standards to give you confidence when using our services.

Buying from a franchised dealer such as ours is the most safe and reliable way of buying a used car.

Our aftersales focus is on offering the right repair first time round by brand experts at a committed price.

Below is a summary of the standards set by the NFDA:


1. Staff Training
All staff will be trainied to a high standard and able to assist and communicate with customers

2. Communicating with Customers
We will keep you informed while your vehicle is with us using your preferred method of communication. You will also be given opportunity to feedback your experience.

3. Quotation and Booking Process
We will offer clear and firm quotations and will ask you to authorise all work, minimising as much inconvenience to you as possible

4. Workshop Practices and Process
We will supply parts that satisfy the manufacturers specificaion. Qualified technicians will be available to offer advice. We will carry out a complimentary visual check of your vehicle. We will warrant all servcie and repairs work for a minimum of 12 months. All servicing and repairs will be carried out to the manufacturers specification using manufacturer supplied tools and equipment.

5. Complimentary Customer Services
We will offer a range of customer courtesy services including WiFi, courtesy vehicles, collection and delivery and customer drop-off's.

6. Collection and Invoicing
You will be informed of all the work carried out on your vehicle. All invoices will be fully itemised and service schedule reports and inspection paperwork will be given to you.

7. Customer Complaints
We have an effective and robust complaints procedure in place.


1. Nothing to hide - theft and write-off checks on every car
At the JCB group all our cars are background checked.

2. No nasty surprises - outstanding finance checked on every car
At the JCB Group, every vehicle in stock is bought legitimately and every used vehicle is checked to make sure there is no outstanding finance on it. This means that when you buy a car from us, you know that the dealer owns the vehicle that you buy.

3. Every inch. Every Car - meticulous pre-delivery inspection on every car
We carry out a full mechanical inspection of every vehicle before it is delivered and we rectify any faults identified.

4. The clock never lies - every used car mileage checked and verified
As well as being a form of theft, 'clocking the mileage' and selling you something that is worth less that it seems, this is also dangerous as important servicing and safety items may be missed if you think the mileage is a lot lower than it really is. The JCB Group carry out mileage checks from all the previous owners to verify it's current mileage is correct.

5. Try before you buy - test drives welcomed and recommended
At the JCB Group we think before you buy a car it is really sensible to give it a drive, even if you have driven a similar car before, driving it allows you to make sure that you area happy with the driving position, with the overall performance of the car and to make sure that it suits your driving skills.

6. Passed with flying colours - generous minimum MOT with every car
MOTs are only required on cars that are over three years old and are an important consideration when buying a used car. The MOT test is an important way for the car buyer to know that a vehicle is safe and fit and proper to drive. We make sure there is a minimum 6 months MOT.

7. Not a care in the world - warranty included with every used car
The JCB Group offers a warranty or guarantee with their used cars and many cars will still retain the balance of a Manufacturer Warranty. Of course we operate within the law and the Sale of Goods Act in particular, and will comply fully with customers' statutory consumer rights.

8. Trade in and trade up - convenient part exchange welcome
We are happy to take your old car in as part exchange and use that as a contribution to the purchase of your new car. This means that we are able to offer a one stop shop service where you literally drop your old car off as you drive away in your shiny new, used car.

9. See yourself in it - brilliant, full, professional valet of every used car
Every used car sold by us comes with a full professional valet, both inside and out, to make sure that as you drive away you have that fantastic feeling of the car being truly new to you.

10. No need to stretch - affordable service and finance plans available
We can offer you finance to purchase your car. The fact is that most of us don't have the cash to buy a car for cash and we are going to take a loan from somewhere. We can offer you a variety of finance options which allow you to get the best value car you can for an affordable monthly budget.

The above lists just a summary of the standards. For further details, please make an enquiry.