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The New Suzuki Vitara Full Hybrid

This new version of the new Vitara comes as a fully hybrid model. The key highlights at a glance are:

  • New 1.5 petrol engine with Suzuki developed full hybrid system
  • 24kW motor generator unit (MGU) electric motor with up to 60Nm of torque
  • High voltage 140V lithium-ion battery
  • Auto gear shift transmission (AGS) - automatically shifts MT gears and operates the clutch
  • Hybrid and EV (zero emission) driving for a combined fuel economy of up to 53 mpg
  • Two trim levels: SZ-T and SZ5
  • 2WD and ALLGRIP 4WD options

Mmm... the stats sound impressive, but tell me how this fully hybrid driving actually works!

OK, let's take it step by step:

Point on the driving cycle:What happens:
StopAll units stop to prevent wasted energy consumption
StartThe electric motor starts off the car. The engine gently restarts via ISG starter motor function if the accelerator pedal is pressed beyond a certain extent.
AccelerationThe MGU instantly assists the engine for smooth and powerful acceleration. While the clutch is disengaged during gear shifts, the MGU fills in the torque gap to provide continuous acceleration. The MGU adds torque to the engine torque when the accelerator pedal is pressed strongly, eg. going up steep hills or merging onto a motorway.
Normal DrivingWhen driving at a constant speed of about 50 mph, the engine automatically stops and electric driving takes over. When driving at a constant speed, the MGU utilises engine power to generate electricity and recharge the drive battery whilst also driving the vehicle.
DecelerationThe MGU generates electricity from kinetic energy to charge the lithium-ion battery. If the accelerator pedal is released at less than approx 80 mph, the engine automatically stops to efficiently generate electricity.
Low Speeds & ReversingWhen cruising at a constant low speed and reversing, the engine stops and the vehicle is driven by the MGU (electric driving).

There are 2 selectable hybrid drive modes - standard and Eco. Eco mode increases the frequency of electric driving for greater efficiency. Eco mode also limits the options available with air conditioning modes and ALLGRIP 4WD modes.

So, what does this mean?

The result is about 3.5 mpg more efficiency than the mild hybrid version; about 8g/km less CO2 emissions, extremely smooth gear shift feeling, and very comfortable and relaxing driving.

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Standard equipment on the New Full Hybrid Vitara SZ-T includes a host of driver assistance systems, 17" alloy wheels, keyless entry and start button, automatic air conditioning, smartphone link with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, sat nav and rear parking camera. The SZ5 adds a panoramic sunroof, suede seat fabric, front and rear parking sensors and electric folding door mirrors with built-in indicators.

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