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The ŠKODA Vision iV Electric Concept Car

It's been described as blending affordability and desirability in an electric vehicle. This is what we all want and yet it seems amazingly space age and futuristic, looking way ahead of its time!

The 301bhp electric powertrain has twin motors, one on each axle, giving it 4 wheel drive and a range of 310 miles thanks to the 83kWh battery pack.

This electric SUV is about the same length as a Kodiaq, but will be offered in two versions - the coupé SUV and more traditional style SUV.

ŠKODA is attempting to use re-cyclable materials in the interior and keeping to its principle of being an affordable car for the everyday driver.

It is moving towards more autonomous driving with level 3 autonomy at present.

This certainly is an amazing and aspirational looking car.

When it goes into production it may not end up looking exactly like these images, but enjoy our gallery now. The motoring press are quite impressed!

Production is expected to start mid 2020 with launch in 2021.