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SEAT Mii electric

100% Electric Motor.  161 Mile Range*​

The Mii electric is the first electric car presented by SEAT. More will be sure to join the line up in the future.

Ideal for city travel, the Mii electric achieves 260 km (provisional WLTP) range. Amazing!

The price is pitched at the same level as internal combustion engine vehicles, thus making it more affordable. The cost of ownership is low and a government grant is due to be included also.  The price quoted is OTR and includes up to £3,500 HMRC Government grant for an electric plug-in car.

The Mii electric is open for ordering!

The familiar principles of SEAT design and performance are fused with new levels of connectivity and an advanced powertrain which will meet the needs of the modern customer.

The start of SEAT's electric journey is introduced by the Mii electric, with other EV, PHEV and hybrid models being introduced across the range in close succession.

Ideally designed for city driving - especially with the emission restrictions and charges in the UK's larger cities - the Mii electric will completely replace the combustion engine Mii, which is now no longer in production. (Available from existing stock only).

Packing Power

The Mii electric’s motor, linked to a single speed transmission, provides its 61kW (83PS) of power and 212Nm of torque instantly, meaning the five-door car can reach 50km/h from a standstill in only 3.9 seconds – perfect for jumping in and out of traffic.

Powered by a 36.8kWh lithium-ion battery pack the Mii electric achieves up to 161 miles of range from a single charge based on the WLTP test. (Described in our Blog).

External Features

  • 16-inch grey ‘Cosmo’ matt alloy wheels
  • Mii electric badging
  • LED daytime running lights

Interior Features and Infotainment

The all-electric city car is the first model to include SEAT CONNECT, giving remote access and management of the vehicle. Customers can review driving data, parking position, the vehicle’s status, including doors and lights, and the ability to control air-conditioning remotely, all from their smartphone app. It also has:

  • New dashboard design
  • DAB
  • Cruise control
  • Front sports seats
  • Chrome detailing
  • Winter pack (heated front seats and windscreen, electrically adjustable heated door mirrors and light and rain sensor)

The new Mii will come with a choice of optional equipment packs, two trim levels and 5 colour choices. Boot space is ample: 250 litres (up to 923litres with rear seats folded).

Driver Assistance Systems

As with all new generation vehicles, the Mii electric has an impressive range of assistance, safety and energy saving features including:

  • Rear parking sensors
  • Regenerative braking
  • CCS charging (combined charging system)
  • Lane assist
  • Traffic sign recognition


The Mii electric will be offered in these colours:

  • Tornado red
  • Chester blue
  • Tungsten silver
  • White
  • Deep black

For an additional £155 you can have the option of a black contrast roof with black door mirrors

The official launch weekend of the Mii electric is planned for 24th February 2020.

Electric vehicles require much less maintenance than combustion engines and additional items, such as wall boxes for charging, are all taken care of. A new concept of annual rental as opposed to buying will be introduced too.

Charge times are as follows:

Charge time at AC 7.2kW to 80%, ~4 hours
Charge time at DC 40kW to 80%, ~1 hour

Charging Questions

SEAT UK recommends Pod Point as the main supplier for installing customer charging points.

Here is a chart explaining the charge times and types for Mii electric from 0-80% charge.

Mode 2 is the three-pin home socket cable and will be available as an optional purchase.

Mode 3 is the home wallbox cable and will be provided as standard equipment with the car.

Mode 4 is the CCS. Mii electric is built with this charging system. It will enable rapid charging at all public charging stations, where the cable will be tethered to the unit.

The Mii electric - the start of a quiet revolution!

To register your interest in this exciting new car, please complete the handraiser enquiry form below.
Electric charging table

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*WLTP range figures. This may vary depending on driving style, number of passengers, in car heating settings and external weather conditions.