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This classic favourite in the Renault line up is now available as a PHEV. It combines 2 electric motors, a 9.8 kWh battery and a 1.6 petrol engine to give 160 hp with 217 mpg and 30 miles of electric only range. Impressive statistics!

The Megane Sport Tourer E-Tech Plug-in Hybrid can be charged at home or work with a wallbox, or at a public charging point. Most short journeys will be zero emissions and for longer trips the New Megane Sport Tourer E-Tech Hybrid will use both the petrol engine and electric motors for greatest energy efficiency.

Of course the Megane E-Tech Hybrid Sport Tourer has all the advantages of the regular Sport Tourer - sleek silhouette, comfortable interior, modular boot space, dual zone climate control, ambient lighting, driver assistance systems and navigation.

Adaptable Technology

The advanced technology of the Renault Megane Sport Tourer E-Tech Plug-in Hybrid means you can switch to 'B' mode in town, or in slow moving traffic. This increases engine braking and allows for a one-pedal driving experience, helping to preserve or even increase battery range.

With the MY Renault app you can monitor your car's battery level, programme charging remotely or pre-heat the cabin for a warm and cosy ride.

Charging cables come in 3-pin and Type 3 mode 3 as standard. There is an 8 year battery warranty (or 100,000 miles, whichever is sooner) on the traction battery.*

How Does It Work?

New to electric and hybrid driving? Don't worry! It's just like an automatic. Here are some details as to how the Megane PHEV works:

  • Starting off - always in electric mode using the main electric motor
  • Short, local journeys - use zero emission pure electric drive
  • Longer journeys - use hybrid drive with the electric motors and petrol engine for best fuel economy. The vehicle always chooses the optimal mode to maximise fuel economy.
  • Deceleration and braking - the car's system captures the energy produced through regenerative braking to help recharge the battery.
  • Reversing - always in electric mode, helping to reduce exhaust emissions.

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