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Spring Vehicle Health Check* For £19.99

If you’re feeling slightly anxious about driving your car or van following a prolonged period of down time, don't worry, we're here to help.

Book a Spring Check* for your vehicle for just £19.99.

Not only will we check your lights, levels, tyres and more, but in addition, we’ll give your battery a thorough going over as well.

Peace Of Mind For Your Daily Drive

As we get back into our routines of daily commutes, trips to the shop, the school run and days out further afield, it's great to have confidence in our cars and vans that may have been standing parked up for longer than usual periods of time.

Thorough Checks By Qualified Experts

Our Technicians will take your vehicle into the workshop, put it on the ramp and give it a thorough check over. They look at the lights, body work, exhaust, brakes, suspension, steering, tyres and wheels. Back on the ground they check the fluid levels, battery life, interior seatbelts, horn, wipers, washers and other interior controls.

Hopefully all will be well and your vehicle will receive a clean bill of health. However, if there is anything of concern, then our Technicians will report back with recommendations. We will never go ahead with remedial work without your consent. If the cost of replacement or repair concerns you, please click here to see our EazyPay scheme for vehicle repairs.

Covid-safe Environment

If you are worried about attending the showroom, please be assured that we have covid-safe precautions in place.

Our Technicians will be using gloves and masks when working on your vehicle. Our staff will be wearing masks in certain areas of the premises and work behind screens when in the showroom. Customers are asked to wear masks inside the showroom and customer waiting areas, and hand sanitizer and disposable gloves are available. Everyone is asked to maintain social distancing both inside and outside whilst on our premises. Please raise any concerns with our staff and we will be happy to help.

Book your Spring Vehicle Health Check* for just £19.99 today!

*Terms and conditions apply. Not applicable to Fleet Commercial Vehicle customers. We are currently unable to wash and vac vehicles as part of this service, but will disinfect the interior of the vehicle before handing back to customers.