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Top Tips For Holiday Driving This Spring And Summer

Taking your car to the continent this summer?  We've put together a few tips and reminders for taking care of your car when abroad on holiday.​

Car Insurance

  • Make sure your car insurance is up to date and covers driving abroad in the country you are visiting and those you may be passing through en route.

Breakdown Cover

  • Does your breakdown cover and roadside assistance cover you in Europe? If travelling by EuroTunnel Le Shuttle, does your insurance cover break down on the train? What about repatriation back to the UK?

Pre-Travel Checks

  • Make sure your car is roadworthy. If you are in-between services, or just want something checked, book in for one of our spring vehicle health checks for peace of mind. They only take about 20 minutes and are usually under £25, sometimes free. Book now.
  • Have you packed your European Safety Kit? Things such as warning triangles, breathalisers, GB stickers and first aid kits may be compulsory kit in certain EU countries. Headlamp adapters are usually required. Check you are legal before you go. Our parts departments stock European driving kits, just give us a call.
  • Make sure your satellite navigation includes your destination country, and the countries you will be driving through en route.
  • 'Clean Air' stickers - Click here for information on a new law introduced in France
  • Make sure you have the correct driving licence or permit.

When Abroad

  • ​Make sure you drive on the correct side of the road! 
  • Some European countries have toll roads, so prepare with loose change or pre-paid cards and remember the payment machine may be on the passenger side!
  • Know the local rules of the road - this may be more than one country if you are travelling a long distance across Europe.  Check out these handy AA guides here.
  • Do as you would in the UK - take regular rest stops and breaks, observe correct parking rules, keep to the speed limits...
  • Don't leave valuable documents in a parked car and make sure luggage is securely stored out of site in the boot.

Above all - keep safe and enjoy your holiday!​

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