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Advanced Sanitation Technology Protecting You And Your Family All Year Round

The JCB Group are pleased to be agents for Stayzon Surface & Air - the best automotive hygiene system for you and your family.  We are now able to offer you this protection system at all of our Service Centres in Kent and Sussex.​

Kills germs​

Non toxic​

Long term protection​

Eliminates odours

How does it work?

Stayzon Surface & Air when applied forms an invisible barrier on all the surfaces of the interior of your vehicle and its air-conditioning system. It immediately sanitises and eliminates harmful microbes and bacteria.

A layer of microscopic 'pins' coats the surface and kills the pathogens by piercing and rupturing their cell walls. Stayzon Surface & Air therefore kills germs by 'mechanical' means and is non-toxic. All currently know superbugs are defenceless against this cell wall rupture technology.

  • Helps eliminate odours
  • Stops mould and mildew build up
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Invisible and non-staining
  • Air conditioning system decontaminant
  • Long term protection
  • Perfect for young families, sensitive noses, pet-lovers and germ conscious drivers

Stayzon treatment £99 for one year

£199 for 3 year's protection​

Ask your Service Advisor about protecting the inside of your car, van or camper today.

*Information provided by Ultimotive Ltd. E&OE.

3 year protection requires re-application annually.