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Mercedes PRO Connect Monitoring

Real-time vehicle monitoring for improved efficiency, safety and security on your Mercedes-Benz van.

Whether you have one van, a small or a large fleet of vans, you'll want them to be running smoothly and efficiently for the optimum amount of time possible. Vans off-road or not running smoothly mean down time for you and your business.

Help is at hand from Mercedes PRO Connect.

Efficiency - It allows you to assign tasks, track jobs and contact your drivers out on the road. Intelligent software gives you real-time reports on critical parts and fluids.

Security - Vehicles can be protected with theft warning alerts, be remotely locked from your mobile, and use 'geo-fencing' to alert you to a vehicle moving outside a designated area.

Safety - Your drivers will be safer with the accident and breakdown management service, hands-free multi-media functions and live traffic information. You can monitor drivers' driving styles to help encourage safer, more fuel-efficient driving.

Mercedes PRO Connect is simple to set up and use and integrates easily with other telematics systems.

Call us today and we can help you set up this easy to use service.

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Mercedes PRO Connect