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Kia Soul in Ebbsfleet & Rainham, Kent

Invigorated inside and out, the all new Soul is the epitome of urban chic with sporty SUV styling. The ride and handling has been improved as technology advanced.

A first for Kia in the UK, the all New Soul looks great and sounds great as it features DAB radio as standard acorss the range offering a wider choice of stations to listen to whilst you are behind the wheel.

The all new Soul is packed fully of surprises. The all new Soul boasts a myraid of safety features including 6 airbags, vehicle stability management and electronic stability control.

These features apply the correct brake pressure to each wheel and reduces engine power when it senses a loss of grip.

Step inside the all-new Soul and you'll find an interior that lives upto it's striking looks on the outside- soft touch materials and stylish black high gloss trim create a stunning contemporary look to the cabin.

Plus, like all other brand new Kia's - the all new Kia Soul also benefits from a pioneering 7 year warranty.