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Honda's Future Is High Tech And Electric!

Honda is developing its electric prototype to take the lead in a high tech future.

Honda e-prototype charging
Honda e interior
Honda e concept car

Developing on from its award-winning e-concept car, and nostalgically taking styling cues from the first generation Civic, Honda is confident that their first e-car will be efficient and yet good-looking too. It's the first step in their plan to totally electrify the Honda range across Europe by 2025 - a clear commitment to reducing emissions for a cleaner future.

The low profile design, sporty curves and wide stance are not just a styling feature, they improve aerodynamics and increase driving range.
The Honda e is planned to deliver a range of over 125 miles, and with its fast charge technology, the battery can reach 80% charge in just 30 minutes.

No-one has to compromise on style or performance.

The interior really breaks new ground and looks very different from what we are used to in today's cars.
The innovative wrap-around panoramic windscreen creates one seamless view and a sense of space.
The ground-breaking dual screen display connects you intuitively with a range of intelligent technology, and the high-definition Camera Mirror System replaces conventional mirrors, making parking easier and increasing visibility and safety.

It really does look and feel different - something we will have to get used to in the future of electric driving.

Reservations are now open for priority ordering and preferential delivery in 2020.

To find out more please complete this handraiser enquiry form or ask for more details at your nearest Honda branch in Ashford, Kent.

Handraiser Enquiry Form

Please Note: Images shown are left-hand drive. Right-hand drive will be released in the UK. Car shown is the Honda e Prototype and may differ from the mass production model.