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Honda e

Now available at JCB Honda Dealers Ashford

UK Car of the Year 2021 - WINNER City Car of the Year

What Car? - Car Of The Year 2019 - Reader Award Overall Winner
Honda Urban EV - the Honda e

This is no longer a prototype - it's reality!

The all new, all electric Honda e is now a production car. It's a completely new look for a Honda vehicle.

With dynamic performance, refined comfort and cutting-edge technology it is taking Honda into the electric driving age.

You'll be stunned by the quiet acceleration, the all round visibility and the space-age 'dashboard'. Honda describe it as a car from 2030 beamed onto today's roads!

Impressive Performance

You can have emission-free driving and not lose the exhilarating performance and sporty style. The Honda e is responsive, nimble and easy to manoeuvre, making it pure fun to drive. The exterior and interior design go beyond anything you will ever have seen before in a production model.

Innovation In Design

Wing mirrors are replaced by side cameras; acceleration is controlled by a single pedal. The battery re-charges super fast and the range is enhanced by means of a unique, water-cooled battery system taking care of high and low temperatures. All this allows a streamlined and aerodynamic body design quite unlike anything ever seen before.

You can interact with your Honda e through the My Honda+ app on your smartphone - like having your car in your pocket!

To recharge your Honda e battery, a genuine Honda Power Charger is ideal. It provides fast and reliable charging with an auto-recovery function if there is ever a power cut. It has a built in identification system so that you can decide who can use it.

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Imagine driving a Honda electric car.

The driver is comfortably insulated in a virtually soundless world. There are no gears, just the light touch of the accelerator pedal delivering seamlessly smooth power from a source that’s clean and efficient, with zero emissions. Welcome to a new age of driving a Honda!

The Honda Research &Development team won the Car Design Award 2018 for making a significant contribution to the evolution of car design with the Honda Urban EV Concept.

Paring down the traditional car, the Honda e takes simplicity as its key and reduces the number of moving parts inside the vehicle for greater efficiency and easier maintenance.

The interior gives a sense of light and space. Everything is open-plan, with clean lines and neat storage. Everything has its place and the full width digital dashboard shows all that is happening in the car. The interior looks more like a neat lounge than a car! With no centre console and, instead, a wide, full-screen instrument panel, the interior feels much wider.

Wing mirrors are replaced by video cameras which virtually eliminate blind spots and reduce drag. The gear stick is replaced by buttons for drive, reverse and park.

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Please note some of the images in our gallery show the European left hand drive specification.

Pure Power

Yes, the Honda e has great looks, but what about the power? It's impressive. There are no gear changes, so you just press down on the single pedal for an instant response. There are 2 drive modes. Normal, for a quiet and refined drive and Sport, for increased responsiveness and adjusted suspension.

Quick To Charge

The high-capacity 35.5 kWh Lithium-ion battery can use either a Type 2 AC connector or CCS2 DC rapid charger. The charging point is easily accessible in the bonnet and the LED display shows you the charging status.

Safety & Driver Assistance Features

The Honda e is packed with features to assist your driving - lead car departure notification, collision mitigation throttle control and low speed brake function to name just a few.

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View 'Laura's Lunchbreak' walkaround and test drive of the Honda e