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Honda is a leading innovator in environmentally friendly technology. In addition to numerous technologies like variable valve timing on engines, and variable transmission to improve energy efficiency, it was one of the first manufacturers to introduce hybrid technology. Honda's concept car of the future is the FCX Clarity which will be hydrogen powered with its only emission being steam! Factories use solar power and even seat fabrics use recycled sweetcorn husks!

The Jazz Hybrid has made green technology accessible to the consumer. With low CO2 emissions, electric power steering instead of hydraulics, excellent fuel consumption figures, continuously variable transmission, vehicle stability assist, variable valve timing and integrated motor assist, what was science fiction is now a reality and at an affordable cost.

The Honda Civic is already the “best value car on the road” according to Parker's car guide. Now, as announced at this year's Paris Motor Show, it will soon be available with an engine offering class leading CO2 emissions.

That engine is a brand new 1.6 i-DTEC diesel. It's the first of its kind in Europe to feature in Honda's revolutionaryEarth Dreams Technology series, a new generation of engines that deliver excellent performance and environmental values.

Combining strong performance (120 PS) with CO2 emissions of only 94g/km, the new diesel engine helps the Civic achieve an outstanding combined consumption of 78.5mpg.

That means less time at the pump, more money in your pocket and a vehicle that's congestion charge exempt – a very appealing combination for any fleet car.

The new Civic 1.6 i-DTEC engine will be available in each model grade – SE, SE-T, ES, ES-T, and EX – and will be arriving in January 2013, but can be ordered from mid-October 2012.

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Honda's Earth Dreams Technology - high fuel economy, low emissions and exciting performance!