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The Right Honda For You

Here at The JCB Group, we provide a large range of both new and used Honda vehicles with a variety of model options. We know that when picking out your new Honda vehicle, it can be hard to know where to start. This guide is designed to help you discover your perfect Honda vehicle without settling for anything less.

Why Honda?

Founded in 1948, the Honda Motor Company believes in ‘The Power of Dreams’, as dreams were the inspiration behind the founder, Soichiro Honda, creating the company. Opening its first US storefront in 1959, the brand was the first automaker to meet the Clean Air Act standards and it hasn’t stopped there when it comes to sustainability.

Today Honda has seven continents running Honda equipment or vehicles as it continues to strive to “pursue growth through the pursuit of quality”. It also aims to cut a further 50% of CO2 emissions from its products by 2050. Honda’s dedication to reducing its environmental footprint has a big impact on the way that they produce sustainable products and processes.

So now that you’ve established the benefits of choosing an environmentally friendly brand like Honda, how do you know which one is the right model for you?

Petrol vs Diesel

Fuel has a big impact on the way that people pick their vehicles, which is why being aware of the ideal fuel type for each model can be a contributing factor in your final decision. Honda offers models available in both petrol and diesel, however, remember that with a diesel fuel type you’ll have to pay an additional diesel tax.

If you’re after a capable diesel car with effortless performance, a firm favourite of professionals and car enthusiasts alike is the Honda Civic i-DTEC SR. As one of the first diesel cars to be tested officially through the Real Driving Emission procedure, this car features lower emissions and better fuel economy.

If you’re looking for a petrol car, the Honda Jazz is the one for you. Winning a recent world record for the best fuel economy in a petrol-powered car, this versatile supermini also features a spacious interior. A big favourite of car lovers and industry experts alike, the Honda Jazz offers fuel efficiency as well as an enjoyable drive.


Another huge factor in deciding on your new Honda vehicle is the size. Now of course size does matter, whether you’re looking for a small city compact designed to get you where you need to be or whether you’re after a bigger model, perfect for fitting your ever growing family into. With Honda, you have plenty to choose from.

For a family wagon, we suggest the HR-V, as with all its space it’s perfect for the school run and weekend trips, it even includes an Infotainment system to keep the kids busy during long drives. For a smaller car to get you from A to B, consider the new Civic 5 door - perfect for a comfortable but sporty ride. Equipped with the very latest advanced technology, the Civic 5 door is designed to not only keep you safe on the road but also help you arrive in style.


For many, the cost of a Honda vehicle is a massive consideration when thinking about buying a new vehicle. When it comes to Honda vehicles, the advanced technology and high quality of the cars is what you’re paying for. At the JCB Group, we understand that our customers often have a set budget in mind - which is why we’re happy to provide a varied selection of new and used Honda cars that can be purchased with a finance plan.

With our three plans available; Personal Contract Hire, Personal Contract Purchase and Hire Purchase, you can manage your payments monthly. However, be aware of the details of each plan as they differ in conditions and the benefits that we offer. Have a look at our varied finance plans here. We also provide a collection of offers on both used and new Honda cars, as well as deals on servicing and parts. For more information on the Used and New Honda models that we offer, make an enquiry or contact us today!