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Why do I need my air conditioning system checked?

Air con explained....

Your FIAT handbook recommends that your air conditioning should be checked annually for the following reasons.

Firstly, when an air conditioning system is not used for a period of time or left unserviced, the combination of condensation, which is present within the system and the warmth generated from the engine produces the perfect environment for bacteria and fungi to grow. This reaction results in unhealthy and unpleasant odours within the vehicle which can cause sore throats and allergic reactions.

Secondly, over a period of time the refrigerant gas used within the air conditioning system can escape. This can cause the system to be inefficient and increase your vehicle’s fuel consumption (due to the system's compressor needing to work harder to compensate).

The refrigerant gas within the system carries out 2 functions:

  • To cool the air that enters the vehicle’s cabin area
  • To circulate the oil, used to lubricate the compressor and seals by suspending it within the refrigerant gas.

If you feel your air conditioning is due for a check, we can offer two levels of service.

Air Conditioning Re-gas and Service

We check the system for leaks, drain and renew the refrigerant gas, re-check the temperature and cooling fan operation.

Air Conditioning Re-gas, Service & Refresher Bomb

This service consists of all of the above items plus a disinfectant and de-odorising treatment to refresh the system.

To book your vehicle in for an Air Conditioning Service please call us on 01293 894576.