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Electric & Hybrid Servicing

Electric cars offer a huge advantage over conventional petrol and diesel vehicles when it comes to running costs.

An electric car motor has two or three moving parts in comparison to the hundreds of components that make up an internal combustion engine. This means no oil changes, timing belts, sparkplugs, clutch, or gearbox. Because most electric cars can generate power under braking, they are also very gentle on brakes and tyres.

Most electric cars require check-ups rather than any true servicing. The only items that really require replacing are the tyres, brakes, and the cabin air filter.

Electric vehicles are proving to be very reliable and the ongoing benefits are being felt by owners. Owner surveys such as the Driver Power survey by Autocar show how positive owners feel about their vehicles reliability and costs.

Our dealerships have trained Electric Vehicle specialists to help look after your vehicle.

Don't be tempted to tackle servicing and maintenance yourself. Please understand that there is still a significant amount of power within an electric vehicle and our Technicians have been trained and have the specialist equipment and environments to safely maintain EVs.