JCB Business & Fleet Sales Statement of Intent

This document is a statement of intent to you, on the service you can expect from us.

It should also give you some background into the team so that you feel secure about who we are and what our aims are to you - our customer.

The JCB group has grown from a single retail site in Gillingham, Kent in 1998 to a group with 12 sites offering Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Honda, ŠKODA and SEAT, backed up by two Trade Part Specialist sites. We cover all areas of the UK geographically from a delivery angle, and specialise in dealing with companies face to face in the South East. The Fleet department has grown with the rest of the company and we continue to expand in line with our lofty goals over the coming years!

The department now has a core team numbering 9 people . These nine dedicated staff are the customer facing and operational side of the fleet team. We work closely with all areas of the business however to make sure the vehicles reach you on time, cleanly and efficiently. This includes our PDi sites, our workshops, our specialist valeting sites, our many delivery drivers and companies and all the other departments within the group that are needed to deliver a 1st class service everyday. The advantage JCB has is the flexibility to cover for any eventuality. One thing we will always try to be is accommodating and to go that extra mile - every time.

Our goals over the next 5 years are to become the South East’s Premier Fleet and Business retailer. We can only do this by increasing the customers we have and more importantly retaining those customers moving forwards. The team of 9 specialists has a total of over 100 years experience in this industry, and more importantly covering all angles of this industry, from Auction, to Contract Hire, to Manufacturer and dealer. This enables us to offer genuine industry knowledge at all levels, from large corporate to single car fleets. We are able to understand the challenges you face and offer advice and help to make your experience easy,cost effective and hassle free. We know the car industry inside out, and we understand the challenges your business faces.

As a customer you can expect from us regular quarterly email newsletters, to update you with pertinent fleet information, new tax rules, changes in car specs and specifications plus any other useful sound bites. The newsletter will be short and to the point, designed to let you cherry pick what’s of interest, absorb it and then move on. If you require further information then call us.

You can expect to be able to get hold of us first try, with a long list of people you can call or email, we will answer your query as soon as possible. You can expect proactive account management, discussions from car lead times, advice for cost savings, best practice and current market trends. We realise that most companies now do not have the luxury of having a dedicated fleet manager, and that you need to wear many hats. Let JCB take the strain and help you in filling in the gaps and providing you with the information you need to manage your fleet.

We operate and work with many Leasing companies, and can also offer you more bespoke finance, from Contract Hire to Hire Purchase or leasing. Talk to us and we can advise on the pros and cons of any method.

The key element we aim to build, with all of the above, is relationship. This cannot be bought, it has to be earned. We all know the advantage a strong relationship offers to any company, and it is our aim to build this with you and to develop the relationship as time goes by. The ultimate accolade for us is whenever a client of ours recommends us to another company.

We very much look forward to getting to know you better in the near future.