The JCB Group Fleet Health Check

The JCB Group Fleet and Business Team are proud to offer a great and unique opportunity to your company. We hope it will show you our commitment to the collaborative business ethos that has always been the cornerstone to our success.

In this day and age, most small to medium sized businesses do not have the resources for a dedicated fleet manager who can deal with their drivers, review costs, plan a new grading system, and keep in touch with the Duty of Care and taxation changes that seem to be on a constant conveyor belt from the Government.

In conversations held with our customers, we have always tried to highlight to them areas they may wish to review, whether it is to reduce cost, to increase choice, or to be aware of Duty of Care changes, taxation laws and so on. However, we are not trained in fleet management and we rarely get the opportunity to sit with you and discuss your fleet policy in depth. Well, this can now change!

Whether you’re in charge of your company’s fleet and want to make sure you are doing the very best you can, or if you’re the owner of a business and want to review your policies on Duty of Care and fleet running costs ,we can help you. We have set up a partnership with a local fleet management specialist, to enable us to offer your company a free of charge consultation on the health of your fleet. This two hour, complimentary health check covers all the key performance indicators including:

De-Fleet Service

Whether purchasing or leasing your vehicles, are you getting the best resale value at the end of the term? Could you avoid those end of term costs? Our specialist will review and suggest alternatives to achieve the very best prices and savings.


For many companies and organisations, their company cars are the second largest cost to the business after wages. Whether the cars are there as an employee benefit or an essential tool for the job, the company car policy is all important. With changes in taxation, write down allowance, and other legislation, the company’s fleet policy is the key ingredient to cost control, driver morale, and Duty of Care.

Duty of Care

Even though legislation has been in place for over 5 years there are still quite a few companies out there that are not aware of the finer details and are leaving themselves wide open to prosecution. This is an essential area to get right and we can review your procedures and practices to ensure you are compliant.

Driver Licence Checking

We can help you ensure that your drivers have a valid driving licence with driver licence checking direct with the DVLA.

Best Practice

We can discuss with you industry standards and best practice in running a modern fleet that meets your business needs. Every company is different, with different pressures and needs, but knowing which schemes are available will allow you to check your scheme is the right one for you.

To qualify for this service you simply have to ordera vehicle from JCB Fleet and Business, and we willorganise a health check at your convenience. Along with our Affinity and Accident Managementservices, we truly believe that you’re getting morethan just a car or van when you order from The JCB Group. You’re getting exceptional service, with great adviceand a relationship that adds value to your business.

To find out more, contact us today!

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