Volkswagen Transporter Shuttle

The Volkswagen Transporter Shuttle can transport both driver and up to eight passengers in optimum comfort and style. The surprisingly economic performance of the new 2.0-litre four-cylinder TDI engine promises to make both domestic and commercial life as easy as can be. Complying with Euro V emission standards the gear shift indicator technology advises you when to change up or down to achieve the optimum performance without draining your tank – you could enjoy up to 38.7 MPG on the 2.0-litre 102PS TDI engine.

Inside, up to eight seats are optimised for the ultimate in both driver and passenger comfort. Drivers will appreciate the elevated and commanding position of their seat, complemented by a broad spectrum of controls that are easy to reach. If you choose a long wheelbase option for the Volkswagen Transporter Shuttle, there’ll be even more room to fit in both passengers and luggage.

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