Business & Fleet Vans

At the JCB Group, we specialise in supplying a selection of business and fleet vans from premier brands such as Volkswagen, Citroen, Mitsubishi and Mercedes Benz. The range of commercial vehicles that we offer are available to purchase, lease or hire. We cater to a variety of businesses, big and small, providing a reliable premium service.

As your most important business partner, your van needs to be with you every step of the way. Much like the aspects desired in a business partner, our commercial vehicles provide excellent quality, reliability and ability to do the job.

Browse our range of commercial vehicles here - whether it's the nippy Caddy, ideal for small parcel delivery, the Transporter, for larger items, the Shuttle or minibus for transporting passengers in comfort or the Amarok for just about anything you can throw in it - there's a Volkswagen van made for you. Our range of commercials also includes the Crafter - the winner of the 2018 Overall What Van? award.

Our friendly staff are ready to address any and all questions you may have. By discussing your requirements with you, they can offer guidance on which of our range is best suited. Below is our range of commercial vehicles. For any enquiries or questions, please contact us on 01233 220277.