Volkswagen New Car Range

Our Business & Fleet range includes a vast selection of innovative and exhilarating Volkswagen cars, which are designed to be some of the most efficient and beautiful models in the world. The Volkswagen brand is known for becoming the official UK importer in 1953, as well as being the lead in experimental car technology. Volkswagen cars are built to be distinctive and different and stand the test of time, with the launch of several electric cars including the Volkswagen e-Golf and Volkswagen e-Up! which runs solely on an electric charge. Environmental efficiency is what Volkswagen prides itself on; with the addition of the recyclable materials their models are built with, they ensure that end-of-life vehicles are efficiently recycled.

Our vast range of Volkswagen models includes the winner of the Top Gear ‘Pocket Rocket of the Year’ award the Volkswagen Up! GTI, as well as the environmentally-friendly Volkswagen e-Golf. Thanks to the collection of Volkswagen cars we have to offer business and fleet customers, we are confident that you’ll find what you’re looking for at The JCB Group.

Below are the Volkswagen brand models we have available at this time. If you require more information, get in touch with any questions you have by contacting us on 01233220277 or make an enquiry.