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Citroën New C5 X at JCB Citroën in Rainham, Kent

Now open for order and available for test drive

Travel in absolute style and comfort in the new C5 X from Citroën cars. Available with petrol and plug-in hybrid engines, this streamlined new model looks totally different from its rivals. Unique to Citroën, it seeks to combine the elegant lines of a saloon, the versatility of an estate and the commanding presence of an SUV.

Taking advantage of the Citroën Advance Comfort programme, it provides Advanced Comfort active suspension and lounge-like comfort seating. So comfortable and luxurious to travel in. Even with massage seats! Luxurious.... choose the 'butterfly' massage for the driver, try 'cat's paw' massage for your passenger - you're going to travel relaxed!

Watch the video our JCB Citroën Head Of Business, Nigel, filmed recently to pick out the features that impressed him most.

C5X test drive video

High Tech

The most advanced Citroën ever made, the C5 X harnesses a most advanced range of technologies. For example, Extended Head Up Display for easier visuals on the road; driver assistance systems that include semi-autonomous driving and a fantastic new infotainment interface with a large, central 12" high definition touch screen with voice recognition. There's even a digital personal assistant that can answer questions and carry out commands - all the latest in tablet technology.

Plug-In Hybrid

Available with plug-in hybrid technology, the new C5 X’s 225hp plug-in powertrain is adaptable to any driving situation. A smooth and silent start-up, operation and zero-emissions motoring at speeds of up to 84mph, it also offers an electric range of up to 31 miles (WLTP) in zero-emissions electric mode, (a distance that meets the majority of users' daily needs). Spend a whole week without using the internal combustion engine while making your usual journeys, recharging the vehicle as required. When you need to travel further afield, at the weekend, the economical and efficient petrol engine takes over.

Now at JCB Citroën in Rainham, Kent.

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The Citroën C5 X Plug-in Hybrid Delivers The Best Of Both Worlds

Four driving modes - Electric, Hybrid, Comfort and Sport.

  • ZERO noise - silent driving in 100% electric mode at speeds up to 83mph
  • ZERO vibration - smooth driving, instantaneous torque available (360Nm)
  • ZERO CO2 - environment friendly, zero CO2 emissions in 100% electric mode
  • ZERO stress - simple charge and usage, extended global range & automatic driving mode management
  • ZERO compromise - spaciousness, versatility and comfort fully preserved

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Citroën C5 X on the road