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Citroën AMI EV

The 100% Electric Mobility Solution Accessible For Just About Everybody!

In Citroën's 101st year, it is introducing the 100% electric AMI, an all-new mobility solution inspired by its earlier concept model - AMI ONE.

Taking its cue from an understanding of the new needs of consumers, the challenges of urban travel and an increased awareness of the need for environmental protection, the AMI was born.

It has 2 seats, is 100% electric, comfortable and protective, agile and compact and for fun - highly customisable.

Currently not available to order in the UK, Citroën is trying to gauge interest here. Read on and register your interest by clicking the button below.

The potential of the Citroën AMI is limitless. In France, it can even be driven by 14 year olds without a driving licence. Ownership options challenge the established ways - AMI is available with affordable 'a la carte' offers, from sharing via Free2Move to long term rental. In France AMI can be rented from just under 20 Euros per month.

The AMI's potential as a new concept in urban mobility, freedom of movement for many and environmentally friendly mobility makes it an exciting innovation in the motor industry. Watch the video at the foot of this page to see AMI in action!

Get in touch if you'd like to be kept informed of the AMI's progress into the UK market. Let us know what YOU think of this compact little city car.

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